Hungarian and Lithuanian Policy Briefs

The two policy briefs are directed towards national policy makers, some of which exchanged with CACTUS partners in Budapest and Vilnius in Autumn 2022.

They analyse the possible role of sufficiency in decarbonising respectively the Hungarian and Lithuanian residential building and passenger transport sectors and propose policies and means to do so.  Although some consumption patterns in the target countries (e.g., lower level of per capita floor area, higher modal share of public transportation in Hungary andf Lithuania) could be considered more sustainable compared to the EU average, the level of energy use is catching up fast.

The policy briefs presents and proposes sufficiency levels for key indicators based on estimates found in the literature, highlights some related policy options and good practices from other countries, and presents the results of initial model calculations showing the impact on related energy (and cost savings in Hungary) for some selected indicators by 2050.

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