Workshop on sufficiency in appliances

Partners gathered at an online meeting to exchange with negaWatt and Enough expert Edouard Toulouse on sufficiency in appliances.

Indeed, appliances constitute a key energy consuming sector. They are one of the areas where the EU has been most successful in implementing energy efficiency policies. In 25 years, the energy consumption of market average products has often been reduced by two. Nevertheless, the overall consumption of the specific electricity sector has continued to slowly grow, in great part due to the increasing size and number of appliances.

The purpose of this exchange was to develop a better understanding of the key aspects and means of introducing energy sufficiency assumptions for appliances in a decarbonisation scenario. With the particular context of their “catching-up economies” in mind, partners agreed on a simplified methodology based on the negaWatt assumptions, and will thus be able to integrate appliances in the upcoming CACTUS work on modelling and policies.

Download the workshop presentation.